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Where does inspiration come from? In my exploration of connecting to beauty in this world, I have realized that beauty inspires beauty. Observing the gentle breeze as it tickles the leaves, the way that the city lights dance with the flow of the water, or being touched by the kindness of a stranger, these have all been sources of inspiration to my life and to my art. I am grateful to all of those I have met in my travels whose humanity has been my constant source of inspiration.


Whether it is finding new pathways forward for social systems, or painting a dramatic scene, I see the world as a powerful dance between the scientific mind and the artistic eye. This website brings together two worlds that, in my experience, are enriched by the other... 


Changing it up... (systems change)

My unquenchable curiosity has led me to work, volunteer, study and travel in over 30 countries, exploring what makes communities flourish. My formal education includes studying the psychology of cross-culturalism, group dynamics, attitude and behaviour change as well as completing a Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. I co-authored a thesis on how to create engaging neighbourhood hubs that become places to energize and revitalize communities. My diverse experience includes: co-creating the learning platform for transformation called The University of the Third Horizon ( events and creating the RESPECT Youth Engagement Tool ( for the Tri-County Women's Centre and Nova Scotia Health Authority, communications for Authentic Leadership in Action, facilitating community development and 'placemaking' Games in Brazil, hosting community arts in Hawaii, and working for the Australian sustainability consultancy EC3Global


These experiences have sparked my unfailing belief that we can collectively change our course through questioning and listening deeply, letting go of what no longer serves us, and learning ways forward that pull the best from the past, present and future. I approach community development with the lenses of Appreciative Inquiry, collaborative processes, and Strategic Sustainable Development. I love supporting people to reconnect to themselves, each other, and the land on which we live.


My journey with the arts...


I am a visual artist who paints images that help people reconnect to a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Having shaped acrylic on canvas for over 20 years, I draw inspiration from the delicate balance of life itself.


My paintings are often described as profound, moving, and even emotional. Most of my work reflects a deeper philosophy about what it means to be human and how to be kind to ourselves in the process.

While I am sometimes inspired to paint landscapes and city scenes, my favourite subjects are dancers: Dancers have the ability to express strength with grace, movement with stillness, and passion with elegance. I have started a series based on the musical dance collaboration of Danse Lhasa Dance. Unique in my approach, I draws from Psychology and Philosophy as much as I do from understanding movement and muscles through my own love of dance.



Contact me to explore collaborations!

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